Company History

Doors first opened in the 1980s and being the first licensed tattoo studio in Northern Virginia also makes us the oldest studio in Northern Virginia, and for that matter older than any studio in Washington D.C. (Rick's Tattoo Studio)

"I have seen many, many changes in the tattoo business, some good, some maybe not so good."

I have also had a full service machine shop for over 20 years. I Pride myself on high precision, high tolerance tattoo machines. I prefer to manafacture industrial strength machines that will last a lifetime. Custom, one of a kind machines are my speciality. You can either purchase one alreadty built or order a complete custom design.

I believe that a tattoo machine is more an instrument than a tool. You can throw a tool in the rusty tool box and get it out weeks later and use it with no care.

A tattoo machine is more like a nice pocket watch or a gun. They should be treated as such. This is the idea that drives me to reach the highest levels of quality I can. With a little maintenance and proper storage your machines should last a lifetime.